Dear 🌎 $PNIX Community,

It’s our great pleasure to announce our debut trading competition for our great community — Total Prize: 5000$ in PNIX.

Duration is from now till the snapshot date, at 14:00 pm, 6th April (UTC), we will make a snapshot of all $PNIX holders balance to determine the top winners for this trading competition.

Top 21–30: 200$ each (total 2000$)
Top 31–40: 150$ each (Total 1500$)
Top 41–50: 100$ each (Total 1000$)
Top 51–60: 50$ each (Total 500$)

PNIX Top 1–20 holders would not receive PNIX from this competition but will earn themselves a good opportunity to participate in PNIXS.

Seed Investors sale of 20,000 PNIXS at 0.005 BNB/ PNIXS. Allocations as follows:

Top 1–5: 1500 PNIXS each (Total 7500 PNIXS)
Top 6–10: 1200 PNIXS each (Total 6000 PNIXS)
Top 11–15: 750 PNIXS each (Total 3750 PNIXS)
Top 16–20: 550 PNIXS each (Total 2750 PNIXS)

Sneak peak about the exciting PNIXS:

Token Name: PNIXS
Initial Total Supply: 200,000 PNIXS

Seed sale allocation: 20,000 PNIXS (10%)

Private sale price: 0.005 BNB per PNIXS

Sale format: Send BNB to dev wallet, Only top 20 PNIX holders can participate (as per trading competition result).

Presale allocation: 80,000 PNIXS (40%)
Presale price: 0.007 BNB per PNIXS
Sale format: Send BNB to dev wallet, Only top 1500 PNIX holders can participate.

Public sale allocation: 40,000 PNIXS (20%)
Public sale price: 0.009 BNB per PNIXS
Sale format: to be decided on Pancake swap or Bounce Finance.

Marketing & Airdrop: 24,000 PNIXS (12%)
Exchanges listing: 20,000 PNIXS (10%)
Founder & Developers: 16,000 PNIXS (8%)

-PNIXS will be audited by Certik with Skynet and Oracle intergration.

-Submission and proof of audit proposal will be released in due time.

-All dates and prices are to be altered with small fluctuations if necessary.


We’re now on CG: (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/phoenixdefi-finance).

Buy $PNIX.
Trade $PNIX.
Hold $PNIX. 💥
$PNIX to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

🕸 Web: https://phoenixdefi.finance
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/PhoenixDefiFinanceCommunity

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